Certificate Ceremony

The 2017 Product Stewardship ceremony was held in Madrid on 22 June and it was chaired by

Fertiberia and President Javier Goñi del Cacho with the presence of Fertiberia's executive staff, Mr. Fernando Miranda, Director General of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Mr. Agustin Martin Martinez, General Secretary of Industria, and Mr. Pedro Hojas Cancho,

General Secretary UGT-FICA.

The ceremony awarded official certificates of the Product Stewardship Audit coordinated by DNV-GL from January through May 2017. Certificates of a positive audit are a confirmation of the awarded members' efforts in conforming to the best management practices of the life cycle of fertilizers.

This includes product development, sourcing of raw materials, additives and third party products, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, storage, marketing and sales, product application and farmer services.