Fertilizer Application

Fertilizers Europe promotes correct use of all kind of fertilizers according to the principles of Good Agricultural Practices.

Fertilizers Europe fully supports the principles of Integrated Farm Management as a system going beyond Good Agricultural Practices, producing quality affordable food under profitable conditions and with due regard to the environment. Integrated Farm Management is defined by a set of common principles and practices which efficiently contribute to achieve a Sustainable Agriculture.

Advice to farmers on the application and use of products should include:

  • Type of fertilizer to be applied
  • Amount of fertilizer to be applied
  • Time and number of applications
  • Physical quality of fertilizers
  • Setting of spreading equipment
  • Precision farming techniques
  • Handling of off-spec products and waste
  • How to handle emergencies.

Reference is made to Fertilizers Europe Nutrient Stewardship activities, including the following documents: