Community Awareness

An effective communication process is an important element of any Product Stewardship Program. Comprehensive SHE information should be available and targeted to those who are involved in the product lifecycle from manufacturing, through the supply chain and to the user. Measures should be in place to ensure that the SHE information is understood and implemented by those who are involved.

  • Fertilizers Europe will communicate their Product Stewardship Program to member companies
  • Fertilizers Europe will ensure that the Program is understood and verify that it is implemented on a company level
  • Fertilizers Europe member companies will comply with the Product Stewardship Program of Fertilizers Europe
  • Fertilizers Europe and the member companies will disseminate the SHE information to relevant partners in the supply chain and to customers and will ensure that the information is understood and implemented

An outline of the Product Stewardship Program is given in the Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship brochure. Fertilizers Europe Best Practice Guidance documents, recommendations and brochures are available for everyone interested in the subject of Product Stewardship for fertilizers. Some sections of the Program, i.e. those relating to security and auditing, are available for members only.

Fertilizers Europe expects member companies to cover the relevant issues of the Product Stewardship Program in in contracts with their customers.

An important part of the work of Fertilizers Europe is to share information on the Product Stewardship activities internally between the member companies as well as with business partners, the regulators and with the community at large.

Fertilizers Europe organizes training programs to introduce the Product Stewardship Program to member companies. The member companies of Fertilizers Europe will train their employees on the product properties, safe handling and storage, use and disposal of products.